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Atom AIRLIFT® Leaf Blowers


Product Description

Atom AIRLIFT®Leaf Blowers — Professional performance blowers at affordable prices

Atom AIRLIFT®(patent pending) hand held blowers are designed for easy starting and very high air output so you do the job quicker. The new SMARTFAN®(patent pending) blower impellor produces a massive air blast. Vacuum sprayer, roof gutter cleaning and Sprayer Mister attachments available.

Around your home or for professional use, these easy starting high air blast output AIRLIFT®blowers will do your clean up in quick time. AIRLIFT®= light weight. Lower fuel consumption will save you time and money.

  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers are very easy to start
  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers are fitted with Atom’s patent pendingSMARTFAN® delivering more air than other Blowers
  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers are fitted with anti-vibration handle, cruise control, superior air filter systems and many other features
  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers with optional vacuum, sprayer or gutter attachments. A very useful 4 in 1 tool.


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