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Product Description

powerful and efficient tool for quickly clearing any area of leaves, litter and other debris. Oleo-Mac® blowers feature lightness, simplicity and silence making them dependable workmates. Characterised by low vibration for consistently comfortable and extremely quiet operation, making them ideal for use in built-up residential areas.

  • Carburettor: Diaphragm type
  • Cooling: Air cooled.
  • Cylinder Liner: Chrome impregnated
  • Dry Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Engine (cc): 30.5 cc
  • Fuel: Two Stroke
  • Fuel Capacity: 600 ml
  • Fuel Ratio: Two-cycle oil mix 40:1 ratio
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Max Air Speed (m/sec): 70 m/sec
  • Max Volume (m³/min): 12.0 m³/min
  • Optional Accessories: Optional accessories available for purchase separately include: • Vacuum cleaner conversion kit: EFUSA3000VACKIT • Blower/vacuum tube with duckbill end section: EFP56552002 • Oleo-Mac® 1 Litre two stroke oil: OMOIL1002 • Oleo-Mac® 5 Litre two stroke oil: OMOIL5002 • Two stroke mixing bottle: PLP-MIXBOTTLE
  • Output: 1.3 hp (1.0 kW)
  • Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Starter: Recoil
  • Warranty: Residential / Domestic Use Limited Warranty 5 Years Domestic Warranty – Conditions apply.


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