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33 Ton

Rover 33 Ton Log Splitter


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Product Description

The Rover 33 Ton Log Splitter features a 277cc Rover Engine and 33 Tons of Ram Pressure giving you the power to cut larger logs.  It has a 64cm (25″) length log capacity making light work of large piles of wood. It can be used both Horizontally and vertically.

  • 277cc Rover Engine
  • 64cm (25″) log capacity.
Model 24AK59M5333
Engine 277cc Rover engine
Ram Pressure 33 tons
Ram Cycle 15 seconds
Log Capacity 64cm (25″) length
Operation Horizontal/Vertical
Rover 33 Ton Log Splitter – Owner’s Manual
2 year engine & 2 year unit domestic warranty.

Note: Hydraulic oil not included.


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