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Rover Kensington Cylinder Mower


Product Description

Designed for medium to large lawns, the Rover Kensington is availablewith a 43.2cm (17″) cutting width. Powered by a Rover 118cc 7.3Nm engine, it is equipped with six-bladed precision cutting cylinders that deliver 79 cuts per metre.  For additional lawn care, a range of optional cartridges can be easily fitted.

  • Rover 118cc 7.3Nm
  • 43.2cm (17″) cutting width
  • 6-bladed cylinder that delivers 79 cuts per metre
  • 62 litre catcher
  • Optional cartridges can be easily fitted for additional lawn care.
Engine Rover 118cc 7.3Nm engine gives you a consistent performance
Cutting Width 43.2cm (17”)
Cutting Height 0.6cm (1/4”) – 3.2cm (1 1/4”)
Cutting System 6-bladed cylinder that delivers 79 cuts per metre
Bottom Blade 3mm formed
Rollers Rear: split differential drive Front: zinc plated steel w/bearings
Catcher Volume 62 litres
Optional Cartridges 10-bladed reel, scarifier, verticutter, de-thatcher, aerator & lawnbrush for additional lawn care
Warranty 2 year engine & 2 year unit domestic warranty.  Nil commercial warranty.



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