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Silky GOMBOY 210mm ( Fine Teeth )


Product Description

Multipurpose folding saw with 8-1/3-inch blade and a very smooth cutting action. This distinctive saw has earned a reputation as the finest folding saw on the market. It is a best-seller among both gardeners and woodworkers. Aggressive teeth cut with amazing speed in green or dry wood, cleanly enough for use as an installation trim saw or for a crosscut at the lumber yard. Utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology – The Teeth of the Future! Securely textured rubber-padded handle and reliable spring-loaded blade lock make sawing safe and comfortable. It makes a superb gift and ideal for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard wood. Comes with a clear plastic hinged carrying case for storage and carrying. Made in Japan.

The Silky GOMBOY handsaw is available in two types: folding blade and fixed blade (GOMBOY-7 series). The blades are interchangeable between GOMBOY types within the same blade length. There are four GOMBOY blade lengths: 8-1/3-inch (210 mm), 9-1/2-inch (240 mm), 10-2/3-inch (270 mm), and 11-4/5-inch (300 mm). Every blade length is available in three teeth sizes/configurations (tpi – teeth per inch): 5-6 tpi – Large/Coarse (pruning, green wood), 8.5 tpi – Medium (soft wood) and 12 tpi – Fine (hard wood).

Technical Features

– 8-1/3-inch (210 mm) blade length
– 12 teeth per inch (14 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
– 0.55 pounds (240 grams) operating weight; 0.65 pounds (300 grams) weight with carrying case
– Clear plastic hinged carrying case for storage and carrying is included
– Product applications include florist & nursery, bamboo cutting & woodworking
– Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Teeth per inch : 12 ppi

Material : Rubber, Steel

Color : Black, Silver

Metal : SK4 High Carbon Steel

Quantity per Box / Carton : 12 / 72

Blade Thickness, mm : 1.2

Kerf, mm : 1.1



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